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Subscribers: 35485216 +171799
Subscribers: 22781321 +9160
Subscribers: 21587789 +72622
Subscribers: 20017367 +47167
Subscribers: 18625669 +1387
Subscribers: 15840406 +63957
Subscribers: 15525321 +43567
Subscribers: 15391804 +65237
Subscribers: 14960360 +55608
Subscribers: 14859546 +28580
Subscribers: 14002584 +50834
Subscribers: 12343835 +14125
Subscribers: 12326454 +130247
Subscribers: 11934823 +37506
Subscribers: 11837522 +58671
16   +1
Subscribers: 11632991 +110822
17   -1
Subscribers: 11612391 -1329
Subscribers: 11417282 +71255
Subscribers: 11125301 +41186
Subscribers: 10916581 +16908
 What is this?
This page shows the Top 20 most subscribed YouTube members (also known as channels). Channel Views and number of Subscribers are collected from the YouTube website every Sunday night and stored in a database. This page shows the Top 20 most subscribed YouTubers for this week, and shows how their position has changed from last week. If they have moved up in the chart, the number in green shows how many positions they moved. If they moved down in the chart, the change is in red. If they were not in the Top 20 last week, they will be marked as "NEW". To see a chart of how many subscribers a member had in past weeks, click on the chart icon. This is the chart icon.
NEW!  We now have a Top 100 Weekly Chart!
Please change your bookmarks to the new Top 100 Weekly Chart.  All new upgrades and improvements will be made to that chart only.  This page is not going to be updated any longer.
 Can you keep track of MY numbers too?
Yes! If you are a YouTube member, you can sign up with us to have your Channel Views and Subscribers numbers recorded every Sunday night. You will be able to log in and see a chart of your numbers as they are recorded weekly. Please email me for more information, or sign up now.
 What is is a guide to the most popular and most entertaining YouTube members and their videos. You can read about popular YouTubers such as Lonelygirl15, Renetto, Littleloca and Boh3m3. You will also discover talented videomakers that are new or not well known. Three or four videos are embedded in each article, for your viewing convenience. Please visit!
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