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New Articles  
1. Powerful Vampire Girls!
Coming Of Age Review, Supernatural Girl Power!

2. Supernatural Romance, like Twilight
Intermezzo Review, an exciting Supernatural Romance!

3. Take a cruise vacation!
Ready For A Vacation! Have you ever been on a cruise before?

4. Flat Screen 3D TV Review
Review of the Vizio 42" 3D Television

5. Etude, a new book like Twilight.
Etude Review, How it compares to Twilight

6. The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings
And The World Will Fall: Lord of the Rings as an Environmental Tragedy

7. Online Dating Site Profile
How to Write the Perfect Profile for an Online Dating Site

8. Snow White and the Huntsman
From Spurned Daughter to Warrior Woman: Archetypes in Snow White

9. Sex and Food
Sex on a Plate: Foods and Spices to Improve Your Libido

10. Is Twilight Saga a Vampire Tale?
Teens, Not Vamps: Why Twilight Can Never Be Seriously Accepted As A Vampire Tale

11. Sex Tips For Men
Sex Tips: What Women Really Want

12. Social Network Feedback
Bell That Feedback!

13. Stomach and Abdominal Pain
What Causes Mystery Stomach Pain?

14. Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities
Working From Home – Legitimately!

15. Popular Movies but Sex and Violence
Most Memorable Movies by Paul Verhoeven

16. Katy Perry Songs and Videos
Katy Perry - What Is Her Message?

17. Online Games EverQuest Wizard101
Online Video Games - MMORPGs: EverQuest vs Wizard 101

18. Senior Drug Issues
The Effects of Poly-Pharmacy on our Nation's Seniors

19. Work At Home - Time Issues
How to Balance Working at Home with Social Time

20. Lessons Learned from the Twilight Saga
Twilight Saga: Lessons Learned

21. Grey's Anatomy TV Show
Grey's Anatomy, Popular Hospital Soap Opera

22. YouTube videos with nudity
Art or Porn: Sex on YouTube

23. Avatar Movie Review
James Cameron's Avatar : Movie Review

24. Facebook, The Social Network
The Social Network : Movie Review

25. 2010 In Review
2010 in Review: News, Searches and Videos
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   A R T I C L E    L I S T  

Powerful Vampire Girls!
Girl Power embodied by Angel the Vampire!  Coming Of Age is the first book of a new series of supernatural books about Vampires, Lycans and Sorcerers.  Please read our interesting review of Coming Of Age, about Angel the smart, powerful Vampire!
Supernatural Romance!
Like the Twilight Saga? Read Intermezzo!  Intermezzo is the middle book of a series that lovers of the Twilight Saga will probably enjoy as well.  This one has the feel of a classic English Romance Novel like Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility or Wuthering Heights.  Please read our interesting review of Intermezzo.
Take a Cruise!
Need a Vacation? Take a Cruise! How would you like to learn all about the fun you could have on a cruise?  No one knows more about a cruise vacation than a travel agent who specializes in cruises!  You will learn all there is to know about taking a cruise when you get in touch with Marsha.  She will help you dsicover things you can not find out online and she will make sure you get the best possible cruise experience at the best price!  Please read our article about taking a cruise.  Then call Marsha at 704-469-9048.
Buy a 3D TV!
Looking for a new Flat Screen TV? Read our review of the Visio 42 inch 3D Television written by a woman who owns one! Read about the clarity of the display, the 3D aspects of the set, accessories, internet ability, sound and gaming suitability. If you are looking for a new TV, this might be the one for you! In any case, you'll learn about features that are now available in the latest models of flat screen 3D TVs!
Love Twilight?
Like the Twilight Saga? Read Etude!  There is a new Young Adult book series that lovers of the Twilight Saga will probably enjoy as well.  Etude has a similar theme and similar characters.  Both are about teen girls who meet and fall in love with immortal guys.  What things about Etude are the same as Twilight and what are different?  Please read our interesting review of Etude, the first book in the Birthright Legacy series.  It provides an insightful analysis of how Etude is the same as Twilight and how Etude is different from Twilight!
What can Middle Earth say about Real Earth?  Have you read or seen the Lord Of The Rings books / movies?  The Hobbit is a book that has the same kinds of characters, themes and settings but came out first.  Read our article on the upcoming Hobbit movie.  The author talks about the themes in The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, and presents the idea that they can be viewed as a commentary on the Environment!
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