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  Articles written by Robin Whitlock:

What can Middle Earth say about Real Earth?  Have you read or seen the Lord Of The Rings books / movies?  The Hobbit is a book that has the same kinds of characters, themes and settings but came out first.  Read our article on the upcoming Hobbit movie.  The author talks about the themes in The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, and presents the idea that they can be viewed as a commentary on the Environment!
Snow White Fantasy!
Do you like Fairy Tales?  Do you enjoy reading fantasy books or maybe even fantasy role playing?  Did you enjoy Grimm's Fairy Tales as a kid and do you watch Once Upon A Time on ABC?  Once Upon A Time is a story about hope. That's what a fairytale is, the ability to think your life will get better.  Please read our article on the upcoming new Snow White movie and fairy tales in general.  Learn about the hidden meanings used in Snow White and Once Upon A Time!
Vampire Fan?
Vampires - Brooding or Scary?  What is your image of a vampire? Are they beautiful emo creatures as portrayed in The Twilight Saga or creepy demons of death from centuries past? Is Twilight a true Vampire story or just another teen angst tale? Please read our article on Vampires and their origins. See how the Vampire books of the past compare to the Twilight Saga Books and Movies!

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