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Sexy Music Videos?
Is there too much sex in Music Videos?  Are sexy women who may be partly naked in music videos a form of art or is the nudity just there to exploit and even degrade women?  Videos banned because they have too much sex and nudity can still be seen on YouTube.  Please read our article titled "Banned Sex Music Videos on YouTube - Is There Too Much Sex In Music Videos?" and learn about some music videos with sex and nudity.
Hot Actress?
Who is your favorite actress?.  Do you like the women in movies today or do you prefer the femme fatales of the past?  What about sex in movies?  Do men today just want to see naked women in movies?  Maybe not; the Twilight Saga movies featuring Kristen Stewart are doing great and there is no nudity.  Please read our article titled "Where Are Today's Female Movie Icons?" and discover one woman's thoughts about these topics.
Are those real?
Would you buy an Imitation or Fake product?  Sure, we all would prefer the genuine article, but what if we can't afford it?  Sometimes a fake or imitation product will satisfy our wants and needs.  But what do our attitudes about fake products, and now body parts, say about our personality?  Please read our article titled "Would You Buy a Fake?" and see if you agree or disagree with one woman's thoughts on the topic of buying fake or imitation items.
Jesus said...
Everyone can agree, Jesus had a message.  But what about Jesus, the man?  Was he married; did he have children?  Dan Brown suggested this in The Da Vinci Code.  But isn't Jesus' message more important than whether or not he was in love with Mary Magdalene?  Please read our article titled "Jesus Christ - the man, the message" and see if you agree or disagree with one woman's thoughts and feelings about Jesus' message.
They're Everywhere!
These days, everyone has a cellphone!  But are they a blessing or a curse?  Do you think you could go one week without your cell phone?  How do you feel when you hear some stranger loudly talking on their cell phone? Please read our article titled "Cell Phones - a Blessing or a Curse" and see if you agree or disagree with one woman's thoughts and feelings about cell phones!
Into superheroes, fantasy movies and comic books?  Are you a fan of Spider-Man, Batman, Superman and other superheroes?  Do you think that says anything about your personality?  Could it be that we all look for something bigger than ourselves, something to fill the parent figure we had as a small child? Please read our article on why we need Superheroes and see if you agree or disagree!

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