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  Take a cruise vacation!

Need a Vacation? Take a Cruise!
How would you like to learn all about the fun you could have on a cruise?  No one knows more about a cruise vacation than a travel agent who specializes in cruises!  You will learn all there is to know about taking a cruise when you get in touch with Marsha.  She will help you discover things you can not find out online and she will make sure you get the best possible cruise experience at the best price!  Please read our article about taking a cruise.  Then call Marsha at 704-469-9048 or email her by clicking her picture below!
Talk to Marsha about your vacation!

Enjoy our exclusive Feature Article:

Ready For A Vacation!

by Marsha at MyCruiseOutlet

Have you ever been on a cruise before?

Cruises are one of the Best Vacations You Can Take! I have lots of good advice about itineraries and cruise lines. Call or e-mail Marsha at 704-469-9048. Marshar@mycruiseoutlet.com

There will be plenty for you to do! You can do as much as you want or just relax and watch the ocean go by; or watch the other people. The things that you can do on ship will vary by the cruise line and the kind of ship can make a difference on how much there is to do.

Each day of your cruise you will receive a newsletter in your cabin, listing the time, place and details of everything happening on your ship. Here are things that may be available to do on a cruise, depending upon the ship:

● Eat free food! Coffee, tea, ice tea and juices are also offered free.

There is a cost for alcoholic beverages and soda.

● Before you leave, you will choose from an Interior, Ocean View, Balcony, Suite or Grand Suite stateroom. But all include 24 hour room service.

● Visit the show room where there will be a show every evening; one for each dinner seating. See the nightlight and comedy shows.

● Dance at the disco that is open every night.

● Get wet in the pools, hot tubs and water slides. Use the surfing simulator!

● Go to the piano bar or sports bar, several lounges and various cocktail bars.

● Gamble at the casino, if you are old enough.

● Enjoy the full service spa where you can get hair and nails done and massages and wraps. There will be a fee for spa services.

● Sweat in the sauna or steam room.

● Pump up in the full service gymnasium with all types of free weights and exercise machines.

● Move on the walking/jogging track.

● Have fun on the rock climbing wall, the full sized basketball/volleyball/tennis court, or play table tennis.

● Skate on the roller blade track or ice skating rink. If there is an ice rink there will be an ice show like the ice capades.

● Swing on the mini-golf course.

● Play on the over sized Chess/Checker sets and shuffle board.

● Some ships have a small movie theater and you can also watch movies in your cabin.

● Some cruise lines have movies under the stars, outdoors by the pool and more at night.

● Play in the game room with games and cards provided.

● Surf in the Internet CafĂ©, or use Wi-Fi (fee for this).

● Read books in the library or bring your own.

● Sit on a deck or your cabin's balcony and watch the ocean go by.

● Go to the Wine tasting, if you are old enough.

● Shop for souvenirs!

There are so many other things to do that I have not listed. Some activities are for adults only and some are for kids only. Remember that not all ships have all these things. Some many have only a few.

There is so much to do OFF the ship too! Shore excursions arranged by the ship can cost an extra $25 to $100 per person, per port. Ask Marsha, your travel agent about tours in advance.

NOW that you are excited about taking a cruise, especially if this is your first-time, you'll want to know how to go about booking your cruise.

For some people, the simplest, most direct route might seem to be booking directly with the cruise line. However, in many cases, this could be your worst choice, depending on the cruise line's policies. It certainly won't save you any money, and you might get a lower level of customer service than a qualified travel agent could offer.

Many people believe that by dealing directly with the cruise line, they cut out the expense of a middleman. However, when it comes to cruising, this is never the case. The cruise lines rely on travel agents to sell their product, and so it is the cruise lines who pay the agent's commission, not the customer.

A travel agent's job is to act as a liaison between you and the cruise line. Again, they get their commission from the cruise line, not you; but they represent you to the cruise line. You have every right to expect that they will look out for your best interests before, during, and after your cruise, especially if you have problems that you need communicated to the cruise line.

Whether you use a travel agent face-to-face or an Internet or email based agency, you are still dealing with real people who genuinely care about your happiness.

Even if you are an experienced cruiser, when you call an agent requesting a quote on a specific ship and sailing date, a professional agent should ask some questions to help you meet your expectations. If they spend some time asking about your interests and what you look for in a cruise, they are showing a genuine concern about your happiness with the decision you are making. This is a good thing!

The agent should ask your preferences for early or late dinner seating. The agent should also inquire about of your ages, and whether you will be traveling with kids. The agent should send you a written confirmation from the cruise line regarding your deposit, along with acknowledgement of any special request you have made. You should also receive a booking number from the cruise line, which you can verify by going to their web site.

A good agent will suggest you buy travel insurance. It is important to have in case an accident or tragedy occurs.

Prices vary a lot in today's cruise market. A good agent will monitor prices, just in case the cruise line should drop the price on your trip, and pass along the savings to you. Shortly before your final payment for the cruise is due, the agent should remind you via phone call or email.

Here is where a good travel agent can really show their worth. If you have a problem during the cruise, a good agent will immediately communicate your problem to the cruise line and seek a solution. Their connections with the company and ability to climb the corporate ladder will normally get your problem fixed much faster than anything you can do after the fact.

Email Marsha!

By planning ahead and knowing what's available on your ship, you can be assured that you and your family will have the trip of a lifetime!

Want the best price anywhere on your next cruise? Then call me 704-469-9048 or email me at marshar@mycruiseoutlet.com. Let me help you plan the ideal cruise vacation!

Thank you and Bon Voyage!

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