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  Flat Screen 3D TV Review

Looking for a new Flat Screen TV?  Read our review of the Visio 42 inch 3D Television written by a woman who owns one!  Read about the clarity of the display, the 3D aspects of the set, accessories, internet ability, sound and gaming suitability.  If you are looking for a new TV, this might be the one for you! In any case, you'll learn about features that are now available in the latest models of flat screen 3D TVs!
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Review of the Vizio 42" 3D Television

by Marinthia Nyc   7/26/12

I purchased the Vizio 42" 3D television about a year ago. I had to by a new television and I thought I may as well get one with the features I enjoy most. Since I do a lot of things on the Internet, I also wanted a television that worked well online. The television I chose fit my needs perfectly, though I could have gotten a larger television without all the features for close to the same price, which was a little more than $600.


I prefer the LCD televisions because I don't have to worry about the gases that are used in the plasma televisions. I also tend to try to be energy efficient, so I wanted a television that was more energy efficient than a plasma one while still offering a crystal clear image. The Vizio 42" 3D television does have a nice crisp image, but as with any HDMI technology, it takes a while to get used to the fact that the images look so real.


If you're going to buy a 3D television, you need to get the accessories to go with it. With the Vizio television, a 3D blue-ray player is a must simply because some of the videos that you can stream online don't actually come across as 3D. Your only option is to watch them using a DVD player. And if you're going to use HDMI technology, you may as well get the blue-ray player as well. Be sure to get the right HDMI cord to connect your DVD player to the television as well. Any HDMI cord works, but the ones made for 3D televisions will offer a better viewing experience.

The television I bought came with the 3D glasses, but not all of them do. You can purchase them if you are willing to spend more than you would on your own sunglasses, but you can also get 3D glasses when you go to an IMAX movie and they work just as well. 

Remote and Apps:

The remote that comes with the Vizio 3D television that I bought is every man's dream. The front of the remote looks like your average remote, with a few extra apps. The back of the remote offers a full keyboard to make using those apps much easier. The reason for the keyboard is that this television offers apps that you can use on the Internet. The television comes with apps such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo News and much more. What this means for you is that if you stream movies from Netflix you don't need to connect a device to use it. You don't even need an Ethernet cord because the television connects to your wireless network.

Wireless Internet:

The wireless Internet feature works great on the Vizio television just as long as you can get through the setup process. There doesn't seem to be any delay with the connection, but you have to have high speed Internet to use it. The setup process can be traumatic if you don't know one simple thing; you cannot have mixed characters on your router. The Vizio television isn't setup to deal with mixed characters so your router password must be all numbers or all letters, none of which are capitalized.

Surround Sound:

I use the Pandora app on my television quite a bit. The sound is fantastic. Your movies will be a whole new experience, but don't expect to rock the neighborhood with your music. The quality is great, but the volume is limited if you're planning to use this as a party feature.

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Conflicts with Blockbuster:

When I first bought the television I was able to rent streaming videos from Blockbuster. After a couple of months Blockbuster told me that Vizio had to do an update after the New Year to be able to use their service. I'm not sure if they had a conflict between the companies or the television simply couldn't do the update. Whatever the issue, you can't stream through Blockbuster, but you can still use Hulu or Amazon with ease.


While I personally don't play video games, my son does. He uses an Xbox 360 for his games. His experience is such that he prefers the older style televisions. The games he plays involve role playing and there seems to be a lag in the response time between what he does on the controller and what happens on the screen. He doesn't experience the lag with other televisions, but this is the only LCD television he has ever tried it on. With that being said, I can't say whether this particular television is the problem or not. If you're a parent, this might be the television you want to get if your goal is to get the gaming system out of the living room.

Marinthia Nyc is a freelance writer from northern Indiana. Her goal is to share useful information with honesty in the hopes that it is more helpful than it is offensive. She works with a team of writers who share her goals.

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