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Guys, want better sex?  If you are in a relationship with a lovely woman, then you should be concerned with pleasing her as well as yourself.  You may think you know all you need to know about sex, but read our Sex Tips just to be sure!  When it comes to Sex, what do women really want?  Please read our article with many great Sex Tips for Men and learn how to keep your woman happy and satisfied!
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Sex Tips: What Women Really Want

by Marinthia Nyc   9/16/11

It's no secret that women are complex characters. When it comes to sex, the puzzle just becomes more confusing. Men who want to put forth effort tend to go right into "fix-it" mode and head for what they think is the source of women's pleasure during sex, the ever elusive G-spot. The good news is that yes, she does want you to find the G-spot, but that that doesn't define what women really want. In fact, aiming for this spot right off the bat leaves a woman feeling like she just got to the top of a roller coaster without ever enjoying the rest of the ride.

Mood is everything. When it comes to sex tips, what woman really want is different types of sex at different times. If she's feeling exhilarated, she might want to be the one in control. If she's feeling hurt, she may want sex that is gentle and loving. If she's feeling primal, she may want a man to take charge of the situation. Her moods are the key to her sexual interest. Learn them well and you'll find that your sex life will be substantially enhanced. All it takes is a bit of observation to learn what kind of a mood your woman is in and a bit of initiative to respond to it.

Enjoy her whole body. There is much that women don't say. Those words left unspoken are often the most important ones. That's why finding out what women really want can be so tricky. If you avoid certain parts of her body, she is going to not only notice, but mentally record it. Even if she's asked you not to touch certain areas, you still need to let her know that you enjoy the shape of those areas. She might be afraid for you to touch a scar or a place she feels is less than perfect. Let her know that you enjoy all the parts of her, not just the erogenous zones.

Give her permission to be herself. Women are raised with a certain idea of what a good woman will be. What women really want is to be able to share the secret parts of them. A woman may have sexual fantasies, thoughts and desires that she's afraid to share. If she feels comfortable with you it will be easier for her to let you know exactly what she likes and wants. Share some personal information with her so that she can feel like she has some common ground in this area. If you don't like something she suggests, you can let her know that it's not part of your sexual interests, but don't act disgusted or she's likely to avoid ever sharing her intimate thoughts with you again.

Alcohol is not an aphrodisiac. One of the most difficult things for a man to understand is that alcohol and sex don't always mix. It may lower inhibitions, but it also lowers the body's ability to produce some of the natural chemicals that are necessary for enjoyable intercourse. Use alcohol in moderation. A couple of drinks may relax women enough for you to learn what women really want from you, or more specifically, what her particular sexual expectations are. More than a couple of drinks may mean that it's nap time.

Make her want you throughout the day. Women don't always want the pressure of knowing that bed time means it's time for them to perform their sexual duties. Instead, what women really want is small, teasing touches throughout the day that make them look forward to some time alone with you. A small tug on her hair or a soft caress as you walk by can sexually stimulate her enough to have her begging you for sex later in the evening.

Recognize a specialty of hers. Women want to stand out above anyone else. Even if you've been with a multitude of women, they each want to know that there is at least one thing that they do sexually for you like no one else ever has. When you're with a woman, make sure to let her know about at least one thing she does that stands out for you. Recognize her as special in some way. Sex usually means more than just a physical activity to a woman. She wants to know that she stands out to you.

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Be understanding when she doesn't want to have sex. Sometimes what women really want is some time alone or at least without any sexual innuendos or expectations. A man who can take moments like that in stride will find that the woman will be all that much more attracted to him. If the man doesn't try to guilt her into having sex when she doesn't want to or doesn't get angry when she tells him she doesn't want to, he will find that he has a very appreciative woman.

Marinthia Nyc is a single mother of one who has experienced the free online dating sites in a state of shock, awe and sometimes, amusement. She makes a living by offering the humorous and sometimes enlightening details of her life experiences.

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