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Are you on Facebook?  Everyone is, these days, right?  Have you seen the movie, "The Social Network" yet?  It is about the drama around how how Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) created Facebook.  Please read our movie review of "The Social Network which also contains the official Sony Pictures trailer as seen on YouTube.
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The Social Network : Movie Review

by Anish Dasgupta   1/17/11

The Social Network is one of the most controversy-courting movies released this year (2010) and was one of the most eagerly awaited films of the first year of the new decade. Here is a detailed look at The Social Network as a movie, forgetting all the off screen hypes surrounding it.

The Plot

Directed by David Fincher, The Social Network is the real life story behind the creation of the social networking site Facebook and the treachery and legal battles that followed its phenomenal success.

Meet Mark Zuckerberg: a brilliant coder, a disgruntled boyfriend, calm and calculating, self confident to the point of being downright arrogant. The Social Network is the story of his journey from being a Harvard undergraduate who couldn't care less about money to being the youngest billionaire in history, a man in desperate need of friendship having 500 million admirers (or friends in Facebook parlance) but no real friend except for the man he has betrayed.

On a fall night in 2003, after his girlfriend dumps him in the middle of a date for being extremely rude (though he was probably just being painfully honest), Mark loses his cool and in a drunken frenzy hacks into the Harvard archives, gets hold of photos of all on-campus girls and launches an application called Facemash which will enable the Harvard students to rate the hotter of two randomly chosen college girls. The program is an instant hit with the guys and within hours of its launch overloads the university servers causing a cyber shut down leading to a probe behind its cause. Mark Zuckerberg is severely reprimanded for his efforts and Facemash is terminated. However, Mark's genius as a coder does not go unnoticed and he is approached by the Winklevoss twins (Armie Hammer and Josh Pence) to design a Myspace like program exclusively accessible by Harvard students. Mark instantly recognizes the potential in this venture (originally named Harvard Connect by the Winklevoss twins) and starts working behind their backs and steals their idea to independently develop his thefacebook.com. For the seed investment he turns to his only friend Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) and agrees on a 70-30 revenue share.

The Social Network Official Trailer
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As expected, thefacebook.com gains instant popularity but fails to interest investors and appears to be doomed as a commercial project in the long term. However, Mark (who has not yet invested a dime in the project) is adamant about not compromising Facebook's coolness by indiscriminately cluttering it with ads and finds an apparently unexpected ally in the form of Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), founder of the immensely popular but unethical and illegal music sharing platform called Napster who grabs their imagination by saying "You know what's cooler than a million dollars?...A billion dollars".

From there on it becomes the Sean Parker show as he expertly manipulates Mark Zuckerberg into legally disowning Eduardo Saverin through an underhand trick, exploiting Saverin's trust in Mark. As Parker fills in Saverin's boots, his smooth talk and expert business strategies brings in swarms of investors and Facebook (which has by then not only transcended the boundaries of Harvard but that of the USA) is well on its way to becoming the sensation of the decade. But even as Facebook is steadily climbing the ladders to unmatched popularity creating a fortune for its share holders, Zuckerberg's ghosts from the past, Eduardo and the Winklevoss twins, are tempted more and more to forfeit their gentlemanly conduct and soon Mark Zuckerberg finds himself entangled in a series of serious law suits accusing him of everything from intellectual theft to fraud and breech of trust. And for all his fame, fortune and troubles Mark is still a girl friend short!


The Social Network is a very original story narrated at a break neck pace and always keeping the viewer on tenterhooks. The story always remains focused on the central plot and is backed by an amazing screenplay (Golden Globe nomination) and haunting background scores. The acting is top notch with Jesse Eisenberg as the steely humanoid, Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew Garfield as the betrayed friend Eduardo Saverin deserving special mention. The last shot is probably one of the most touching scenes ever filmed in an otherwise tough, unromantic movie.


The Social Network is as perfect a movie as you will ever see with the only drawback, if it can be called a drawback at all, being the absence of any strong female character which could have given the viewer a slight change of taste while watching this one-dimensional, ultra masculine movie.


The Social Network is undisputedly one of the finest biographical films of all time and probably in the same league as The Motorcycle Diaries. In fact, it is probably better defined as a full fledged psychological thriller than a biographical drama and undoubtedly the best 'thriller without guns' I have ever seen. David Fincher's Mark Zuckerberg is sure to send a chill down your spine and in some ways has an uncanny resemblance to Stanley Kubrick's sadistic humanoid Alex DeLarge (The Clockwork Orange) and as in Alex's case, here too by the end of the movie you will feel slightly sympathetic towards Mark for apparently no reason at all. When the movie is over you will go home thoroughly entertained and with a haunting feeling that you would have enjoyed the movie better if it was purely a work of fiction and not based on real life incidents that occurred less than a decade ago, for at some level The Social Network is a mockery of the so-called civilized world and portrays the common man's tendency to relinquish control to his basic animal instincts in times of crisis.

Anish is an online content writer and reviewer. To read more from him check out his blogs at Reviews & Guides (general reviews) or Filmenator (movie reviews and news).

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