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  Franchises for Moms

Moms, work at home!  Many moms want to stay home to be with their young children.  But many moms would also like to find a way to contribute to the family budget.  Maybe you are looking for a way to make some money from home!  Learn about some franchises popular with moms in our article on the Best Franchises for Moms.  Best wishes to all moms and good luck with your new home business!
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What types of Franchises are best for Moms?

by Bizymoms   8/2/09

You're an entrepreneur at heart, and the idea of owning a franchise business appeals to you. The only problem is you're a mom. Don't worry! The growth of women-owned franchises is explosive, and the main reason why moms choose to be franchisees is because of the flexibility offered. If it weren't for franchising, business ownership would have remained a distant dream for most moms. Why? Because franchises offer training, ongoing support and have a ready made infrastructure which you can implement - that means there's no guesswork and you can be a better mom all along the way with the extra time.

Choosing a franchise that suits you best requires a little care and a lot of attention. If your goal is to balance work and family, and to be the best at both, then you need to find a franchise that allows you to do just that. The type of franchise you choose needs to bring out your talents and capabilities, while giving you flexibility. Also, as a mom, your time is dictated by the many demands entailed with child rearing and raising a family. Franchising can help you start off with a time advantage since most of the research and planning has been done for you by the franchise organization. So which franchise do you choose? Here are a few examples for your consideration.

Child related franchises
This is a goldmine. There are so many child related franchises with multiple options that may suit your criteria. They include supplemental education franchises to help children with school, daycare and preschool franchises, physical education franchises, franchises that offer recreation and exposure to the arts for kids, party franchises, children's food franchises, children's clothing franchises, fitness franchises for moms-to-be and many more. This is an especially diverse category because franchisers have realized the true potential of the target market. As a mom you know that despite budget cuts brought on by the recession, you'd do anything to ensure that your child gets the best out of life. You would forego most anything rather than deprive your kids - this is the very reason that child related franchises are so successful, and have better, quicker returns.

Fitness franchises
Fitness has become a way of life for most people. Everyone wants to be healthy, and if you are a "fitness freak" yourself, then this is your best business bet! Many fitness franchises are available to you, whether you choose a women-oriented fitness franchise, a gym franchise, a weight-loss franchise or even a children's fitness/play franchise. Being a mom, you will relate to a fitness franchise that focuses on women, having experienced the various weight, fitness and health issues that are implied with motherhood. So if fitness appeals to you, you may want to look at your franchise options.

Food franchises
If you're a good cook, or are a connoisseur at the various food franchise outlets that have caught your attention, then you may be a great candidate for a food franchise. Since the franchiser takes care of the marketing and advertising for you, and brand recognition has already been established, the food may very well sell itself. So if you love food, and fancy feeding people then don't hesitate - find a food franchise that suits your taste!

There are many types of franchises for moms other than those mentioned here. The most important thing that you want as a mom is to bring home a decent income while having the time and energy you need for your family. You will have to decide how much time you're willing to invest in a franchise, and if it should allow you to work from home. Find a franchise that suits you - with so many options out there, it doesn't have to work the other way around. Good luck!

Bizymoms has been helping women start work at home businesses for over 10 years. Now, with our Franchises for Moms section giving great home business ideas, women can start their own franchise business!


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