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Do your kids watch videos on YouTube? As a parent, you should know that YouTube is more than just clips of funny cats and laughing babies. There are many things on YouTube that your children should not see. Learn about the seamy side of YouTube from a man who has been writing about YouTube Stars for almost four years.

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Sex on YouTube - A Parent's Guide

by Kenny Crane    01/09/08

YouTube is a great site for watching all kinds of videos. You can find everything from family vacation videos to music videos from the 1960s to clips of Japanese Anime. People email each other links to YouTube videos about funny cats, laughing babies, dancing motivational speakers and young people lip-syncing to popular songs. YouTube is all the rage among children of all ages. They want to see the popular viral videos that their friends are watching and talking about. YouTube can be a great source of entertainment for the whole family. But it can also shock and upset tender minds if they see or read things that are not appropriate for their age.

Parents have already been warned about the dangers of letting their younger children access the internet unattended. They know that they have to make sure their children are not talking to strangers and they tell their kids never to give out personal information. Many parents have software that blocks their children from certain sites or only allows them to access certain sites. Parents need to know what is on a site to determine if they will allow their children to visit it. You may have visited YouTube yourself, laughing at a funny clip or maybe learning about a candidate in the upcoming election. But beware, YouTube has a dark side. There are many videos on YouTube that are not for children!

YouTube is full of Sex videos. You may have heard that YouTube does not allow pornographic clips on its site. It is true that they say in their Terms of Use that videos of that kind are not allowed. However, there is no way to tell if a video is porn until someone watches it; they can't be automatically screened out by YouTube's computers. In the early days of YouTube, uploaded porn videos would last several days until someone flagged the video and YouTube removed it. Now, porn vids with nudity are caught almost immediately. People still try to upload them, but YouTube is much better at removing the videos and banning the people who keep coming back with different names.

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Porn videos with nudity are very rare on YouTube. However, many other types of sex videos are freely available. Among the most viewed are the so-called Booty Shaking clips. They consist of young girls suggestively dancing, shaking their bodies, often clad in only bras and thongs. One video shows two possibly underage girls (you don't see their faces) thrusting their thong wearing butts and making sexual gestures. Each girl lowers her thong twice, enough to briefly expose her private parts. This video has been on YouTube for over a month and has been viewed thousands of times. Would you want your grade school age children to see this? Would you want your teenaged daughters to see this and think that everyone is doing it so it must be acceptable behavior?

You may wonder if it's easy to find videos like this. YouTube has a search mechanism. You can enter keywords that people have used to describe their videos and all matches are shown. Some people use every kind of sexual word they can think of to draw people to their videos, even when the videos are harmless. But it is easy to find sexual videos with booty shaking and worse. Enter "jailbait" and you'll get 285 videos. One says in its description, "Jailbait - sometimes it's worth it." Search on "underage" and you'll get 1030 videos. Type in other more direct terms that you might expect to result in sexual videos and you'll get far more search results.

YouTube has a Flag mechanism that allows any user to flag a video for content. Then, YouTube will view the video and mark it as not for minors or remove it. If a video is marked as not for minors, all that happens is a button appears that asks the viewer to state that they are old enough to watch the video. Click the button and the video plays!

What other kinds of Sex videos are on YouTube? There are many videos that advertise webcam girl sites. The video stops just as the girl is about to expose herself. The viewer gets a free sample of the merchandise and is encouraged to visit the sex site for more. All kinds of sex sites use YouTube to advertise their wares. There are also all kinds of fetish videos - especially foot fetish and smoking fetish vids. Also, there are shoe, excrement, cross-dress, latex and balloons fetish clips - 76,100 search results for "fetish." There is one particularly disturbing video that is too graphic for YouTube; but people are filming and uploading their reaction to watching this video from another site. It goes by the name "2 G**** 1 C**" (it's too disturbing to watch so I purposely censored the title). If your young child sees this video, they may very well throw up and have a bad psychological reaction. Almost everyone who has uploaded a "reaction" video to YouTube nearly upchucks and says how disgusting it is.

There are no porn videos with nudity on YouTube, but there are many videos with nudity. There are several very informative videos about how to do breast examinations. This is a real service to grown women but you can tell from the comments on these videos that males are watching them for sexual gratification. One frequently viewed video shows a UK college girl's sports team stripping from the waist up in order to examine their breasts. There are also breast surgery videos that show before and after pics. You can also find extremely explicit videos of actual gynecological examinations. Do you want your young children to see that?

It might be wise to block young children from YouTube, or at least sit with them if you allow them on the site. But even if they go to videos that you would expect to be appropriate for their age - Disney clips, music videos, funny animals and laughing babies - you have to be aware of two more things. YouTube now puts ads in some videos, so you will be exposed to commercial messages in yet another medium. Also, people are free to write whatever they want in the video's comments area. People write some extremely rude and upsetting things in the comments! There are several cases of young ladies who have left the site due to rude and nasty comments on their videos, including descriptions of sexual acts people say they would like to perform with these ladies. YouTube does not screen for language or content in the comments, so expect to occasionally see rude, crude and shocking writings even in the most innocent videos' comment areas.

YouTube is only one of many video sharing sites. Some do allow porn, or are not at all diligent about removing them when they are uploaded. Some sites freely show hardcore sex acts, scenes from porn movies, women tied up and underage naked girls. Of course, there are many porn sites that require a monthly fee for access. But others charge no fee and are similar in look and feel to YouTube; people can upload whatever they want to these sites. Often, these sites will try to download possibly harmful programs to your computer. One site looks just like YouTube but if you click on a video to play it, something will be downloaded to your computer. A pop-up will ask if you want to download it. If you try to X out of that, it will keep coming back. The only way out is to bring up the Task Manager, highlight the Windows Internet Explorer (or whatever browser you use) on the Applications tab, then click End Task.

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If you want to prevent children in your house from watching sex videos online, the best thing to do on computers that kids can access is set security to High so that no ActiveX controls can be run. This also prevents videos from displaying. If your child wants to watch a video online, please consider sitting right there with them, and be prepared to turn off the power button on your computer monitor if something inappropriate comes on!

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Kenny Crane has been writing about YouTube videomakers and their videos at YouTubeStars.com since June 2006. He also publishes the YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart of the Most Popular YouTube videomakers.


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