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NEW: June 20, 2012 -  We are no longer accepting new article submissions. We may change our policy in the future so check back soon. Thanks for visiting our site and best wishes!

Do you upload videos on YouTube? We are STILL (2014) buying reviews of YouTube videos for YouTubeStars.com. If you have a YouTube channel with at least 500 subscribers and you upload videos at least once a month, write for us! We pay $15 and up, for articles that review 3 videos. Email Kenny at KennyAtYouTubeStarsDOTcom for more information, and please include a link to your YouTube channel. Thanks!

LookingForClues Writers' Guidelines.

LookingForClues is a website that publishes articles that provide "Bite size nuggets of insight and entertainment". We buy articles from new and established freelance writers. We pay between $10 and $20 per article. The article must be at least 6 paragraphs and contain 800 words minimum. It should generally be no more than 12 paragraphs and 1600 words in length.

We are currently seeking articles from writers who are proud of their work and who want everyone to read their writing! If you have a website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube account or other social networking presence on the net - and are willing to link to your articles - then we want you to write for us. Send us lots of traffic from your links and we'll reward you by paying you more for future articles!

We can also send you traffic. You can include a short author information paragraph with your article, 2 sentences in length. You may include one or two links. Our top articles get hundreds of views each week, so your articles may generate traffic to your websites! See the list on our STATS PAGE of the top 100 most popular articles on our site. It will give you an idea of what our readers are looking for!

Please note that we make all payments via PayPal.  You'll need to have a Premier or Business PayPal account.  You can open one hereWe do NOT pay to Personal PayPal accounts, only Business or Premier.

We Do NOT buy articles that have already appeared on the internet on any site in any form, including on your own sites and other writing sites.  If you accept payment from us for an article, it will indicate that you agree to certain things described below.  One aspect of the payment agreement is that you will not sell, give away, or self-publish an article that we have paid for, if it would result in the article appearing on the internet.

What kind of articles are you looking for?

We are looking for articles on a variety of subjects. The subject matter should be something that the author is passionate about, and the passion should show in their writing. The topic can be almost anything that we think web surfers might find of interest. The articles presently on our site can be used as a general indication of what we look for. Links to our most recent articles are on the right.   Look at our STATS PAGE to see our top 100 most popular articles for an idea of what readers are reading on our site. You can also check our categories page for a complete list of all articles, or search using the box on the right at the top.

Specifically, we're looking for articles that are of one of the following types:

Practical articles that provide specific useful knowledge to our readers.  Give the reader insightful and entertaining "how to" information on a topic that has widespread interest.  We pay $10 to $20 for these articles; we may pay more to writers who have linked to their articles and sent us readers.

Commentary articles that give the writer's point of view on a social issue of widespread interest.  We pay $10 to $15 for this type of article.

Trendy articles that introduce the reader to some currently hot or trendy thing or activity.  We pay $10 to $15 for this type of article.

Book/Movie/Product reviews that might interest the reader in buying the reviewed item.  We pay $10 or more for reviews.

How do I submit an article?

If you have an idea for an article, please describe it in a paragraph and send it to us at this email address (billATbkservDOTcom). Or if you have an article already completed, please send it to the same email address. Please put "LFC Submission - " and a few words describing the topic of your article in the Subject field of your email. If you are sending a complete article, please send it in the body of the email, or attach it as an RTF (Rich Text) file. Please do NOT send any attachments in DOC format.  Attachments in anything other than RTF format will NOT be opened! If you use a word processor to write, you should be able to save the document as an RTF file. If you don't have a preferred word processor, we recommend using Microsoft WordPad, which comes with Windows. NOTE: Please format the article so that it is single-spaced, with the title on the first line and your name (or pen name) on the second line.  Please use "Courier New" font, size 12.

Along with the description or completed article, we require the following information.  If you do not include this information, we will not reply to your submission!

  • Please state whether you are over or under 18 years of age. We do NOT presently accept articles from anyone under 18 years of age. 
  • Please indicate specifically how you became aware of the LookingForClues website. If you came here from a link on another site, let us know what that site was. If a friend referred you, let us know who it was. If you found us by a search engine, let us know which one you used and what you searched for.
  • Please provide information about any previous writing experience. (Previous experience is NOT required!)
  • NEW: Please provide information about your presence on the internet. Tell us about your websites, blogs and social networking sites that you belong to. Please include links to your accounts on sites like Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. - don't just send links to the Home pages of these sites, send links to your specific profile or content pages!

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you send one article submission at a time! If you have multiple ideas or articles, please briefly list the topics of the articles and we'll let you know which one we would like to see first.

What happens after I submit an article?

After we receive your submission, we will reply (generally within 2 weeks) as to whether we would be interested in purchasing it for publication on our site.  If we accept an article, we will email you and tell you the fee we are willing to pay for the purchase of the article.  See above for our general pay schedule.  The amount we are willing to pay is determined by several things:

Our estimate of how popular the article will be.

Our interest in the topic.

The number of submissions already in our queue.

The amount we offer for your article Does Not reflect our estimate of the quality or style of your article.  It is simply a business decision based on the above criteria.

How do you edit an article?

If you accept the proposed fee, let us know by email and we will then edit your article for style. We try not to alter the content. We will send back an edited version, generally within two weeks. Here is how we indicate edits: Items in [green] are things that we think should be added. Anything in [red] is something that we think should be removed. Things in [purple] might need to be rewritten in a different way. Any sentence with purple edits is followed by comments in [blue] in which we explain what we marked in purple. Other miscellaneous comments or questions will also be in [blue].  Please consider these suggestions, implement whatever you think you'd like to change, and submit the edited work to us by email - OR just accept our edits, that's what most writers do!  There may be another round of edits needed, if you have decided to make edits other than the ones we suggested.  We will let you know when we have reached a Final Edit.

What is the Article Purchasing Agreement?

If you agree to sell us an article, we will send you payment by PayPal within a week of the end of Editing. We have a page on our website where you will be asked to provide your PayPal email address and state that you agree to, and will be bound by, this agreement:

B K Services Inc. operates the LookingForClues website. We have agreed to purchase an article from you. By accepting our payment, you agree to the following four statements:
1. You state that you are the sole author of this article and that you have not copied any or all of it from another author. You may briefly quote sources as long as they are credited in the article.
2. You agree not to sell or give away the same or essentially the same article that we have just purchased to any other person or entity if that action would result in the article appearing on the internet at any time in the future.  "Essentially the same article" is defined as an article that uses half or more of the sentences in the article that you accepted payment from us for.  You also agree not to make the article available on the internet yourself.
3. You agree to let us use the article for whatever purposes we choose.
4. You state that you are over 18 years of age.


If you wish to expand on your article or it's topic in another work, you may do so as long as you do not use more than half of the sentences from the original article in the new work.

You may sell "reprints" of your article to "print" publications. If those "print" publications have an online presence, the publication may not post the article online without our written permission.  We request that notice be given with any "print" reprint that states, "This article is available online at www.LookingForClues.com."

Please be sure that you understand all of the terms of this agreement before accepting any payment from us. 

When will my article be online?

After we agree on the Final Edit, we'll pay you by PayPal, within one week. At that time, we will begin creating an introduction for your article. This will consist of one or more paragraphs that relate to your topic or similar topics. This may be followed by links to related books and/or products. Once the introduction has been written, we will post the article on our website and notify you of that fact by email. We encourage you to promote your article by telling all your friends and family about it! Please post links to your articles on your social sites!

If two weeks pass at any step of the process and you have not heard from us, please feel free to enquire about the delay by email. We try to keep to the schedule that we set forth in these guidelines and in the emails that we send at each step of the way. But if you don't hear from us for some reason, do write.

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