Intermezzo Review, an exciting Supernatural Romance!

by Kenny Crane   10/21/13

Intermezzo is the second book in the young adult supernatural romance Birthright Legacy series of three books, written by long time teacher and now vice-principal Melinda Morgan. The first book was Etude, reviewed here. You may want to read the Etude Review before you read this one. The Birthright Legacy series has certain parallels with the Twilight Saga, and you can read about that in the Etude review.

In the first book, we met Beth Arrington who is just older than high school age. She has endured a terrible car accident which took her mom's life and left her with a crippled left hand, ending a promising career as a pianist. Beth meets Jonathan Rollings who is an immortal man born in the 1800s. He had been fond of a girl named Eleanor who he knew during the Civil War. As the book ends, evil spirits are after Beth and it is decided that she should be transported back in time by Jonathan's "traveling" sister, in order to hide from the danger.

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