Etude Review, How it compares to Twilight

by Kenny Crane   5/29/12

Etude is a new Young Adult book that tells the tale of High School Senior Beth Arrington. This 2012 published volume by Melinda R. Morgan is the first installment of The Birthright Legacy. Beth narrarates her adventures from the time she begins to recover from a car accident that took her mom's life, to a point where she travels back in time to the Civil War era. The book has several similarities with another very popular Young Adult book series, The Twilight Saga.

The story starts with Beth leaving her life long home to go and live with her Uncle Connor. Her mother has died and her father is off on mysterious business in Europe. The car crash that killed her mom left Beth in a coma for months, followed by more time spent in a mental facility. She lost a year of her life and will be starting her Senior Year of High School in Anderson, Wyoming while living in a room at her uncle's home. At the outset of Twilight, Bella is starting school in Forks, Washington after moving in with her Dad who had been divorced from her mom. In each book, the parents are minor characters but they do play important roles in certain scenes.

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