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This site is a Bulletin Board where you can post information and comments on Garage Rock related topics.  You can promote your band, event, web site, book, radio show or fanzine HERE!

Garage Rock Defined
We define Garage Rock as a form of guitar based Rock and Roll first played in the 1960s.  The bands usually consisted of one or more guitars, a bass guitar and drums, and often an organ.  The songs were almost always under 3 minutes.  Bands were often local favorites but often did not make the national scene.  They were usually made up of high school or college aged people.  They often had just a few original songs and filled out their sets with cover songs.  Well-known examples if Garage bands include Shadows of Knight (Gloria), Castaways (Liar Liar), Kingsmen (Louie, Louie) and ? and the Mysterians (96 Tears).  For more on what Garage Rock is, see What's Garage? on our Garage Rock Radio site, Little Steven's Garage essay, the Garage Rock article at Wikipedia, or go and listen to some Garage Rock on our MP3 page.

There have been many new bands over the years who have played Garage Rock.  The first wave of new Garage bands came out in the early 1980s.  Examples include the Chesterfield Kings, Fuzztones, Fleshtones, Mosquitos and StomachMouths.  Today we have bands like the Caesars, Charms, Strokes, White Stripes, Hives and the Rants.  Many of these new bands are also influenced by Punk rock from the 1970s.  On this Bulletin Board, you can discuss Punk related topics as well.  We consider Garage and Punk to be closely related forms of music (see our Garage/Punk article).

How to Post  
We have organized the Bulletin Board into Topics and Posts.  Topics are a way of grouping Posts.  Topics have general information on a Band, event, radio show, web site, etc., and the Posts on that Topic provide specific information or comments.

If you want to add a Post to this Bulletin Board, first check to see if there is an existing Topic that you want to Post on, by checking our Topic List.   Click "View" to view the details of a Topic.  You can Post to that Topic by clicking on the "Post to this Topic" button.

If there is no Topic yet for what you want to post about, create a New Topic on your Band, event, radio show, web site, etc.  Provide some general information on the Band, event, etc. in the Notes field.  You can provide a web site link and email address so people can get more information.  Then if you want to give some specific information, make a New Post on the Topic you just created.  From the Topic List, click "View" to view the details of the Topic.  Post to that Topic by clicking on the "Post to this Topic" button.


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